By strategically working together with international financial institutions, local government finance agencies and high net-worth individuals since its establishment in November 2011, Jiuyou Fund has been an innovative platform with three distinctive functions, i.e., investment fund, technology promotion in new cities, and industry research institute.

Jiuyou Fund diversifies its investment portfolio, focuses on strategic and consumer industries, introduces viable projects with core IP rights and proven business models from North America, Europe and Japan, and selects local projects of high-growth but low-risk. Jiuyou Fund has been working hard to improve its innovative platform to provide continuous investment in and services for high-tech industries. It has strived to increase the value of target companies through its all-round value-added professional services.

lofty ambitions, established achievements

Jiuyou Fund has a competent team with high integrity. It consists of international investors, industry experts and local management professionals. They are visionary, business savvy, excellence-oriented, and pragmatic. Their accumulated experiences and resources from various industry backgrounds add to the value creation for our investors.

Believing in the motto of service, dedication and giving, Jiuyou Fund assumes a high sense of social responsibilities when safeguarding long-term investments featuring sustainability, growth and innovation.

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